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The Insight For Today

“Well lets see what art form the universe will turn this situation into ” my friend said on Facebook today. He was having trouble with a friend and was at the risk of losing a friend. So he left his anger and problems to the decision of the universe. I said to him (this is the extract from the actual conversation) : “Universe huh? When you die, every speck of dust that is you, is returned to the universe and becomes a part of the soil we’re on. Did it ever occur to you that you are a part of the universe? So hence, while “living” so to speak, you get the right to choices that comprise the universe. Think of yourself as a fragment of dust.. which everyone is, really. Now when that dust comes to life your body is formed. You then gain intelligence and rationality… The universe has a tiny part of you in it. Since the dust makes you and you make the universe, you have a voice (literally). You have choices. You can choose what you want to do or how you wish to categorize something. Hence this incident isn’t up to the universe to make right but you. And why? Cause through out your living and being, you’ve made decisions. So why should the universe decide what to do with the situation that You created? The universe makes you and you create obstacles. Or they just happen. Either way, you are responsible for it as long as it’s in your path. The end of that path is light – It’s like an eclipse”



As dusk arises for another day,

She wakes abruptly to the noise.

The sky is speechless; no words to say,

She must retain composure.

The dawn shuts down the day again,

The moon is now just sleeping,

For stillness wakes, her only friend…

The flowers now are weeping.

There is no reason why they left –

No clue is to be found.

In the rock, she is the cleft,

the emptiness around.

In a prayer, trembling, seeking,

Words cannot express.

For in the sunrise, hurrying, keeping

Past and Present’s Regret.

A Silent Thought

Life is a whole other world as opposed to death. What are we doing? Who are we..? These are rhetoric’s that we often ask ourselves. The depth of the human soul has no boundaries. Where do we go when we die? What do we do when we get there? Our mind is a tool that we should use wisely. Emotion runs parallel with it. Our experiences account for the self that we so choose to become. The familiarities of instances that are bad are surrounding the narrow horizons of good. We challenge ourselves. Ask ourselves how we push ourselves forward when we refuse to really do so.

The real question here is what is faith? When the human mind and spirit are shattered by darkness to which there is no light or hope. The definition of hope itself is vague and relative. To most, it is the belief held on to by an individual that despite their exterior difficulties, they will be delivered from it either by an external force or by a higher power respectively. To others it is a mystery. What really is faith? Our choosing to believe in something we are taught? Or does it go deeper than that? Epiphanies occur in our minds when we let things be. That state of segregation from what is external becomes a source of power that our soul feeds off. Nothingness is attained and freedom to no bounds are achieved. Faith is to me, when you are in a state of acceptance of what is and the knowledge that life is. When we accept, we see things absolute and in their states unchanged or manipulated. We learn to live with that – bad or good, and just breathe. Faith is when you can learn to live with things that hurt or destroy you. Things you fear. Why then do we so choose to run from the empty hollow or questions that we ask ourselves? If we question “why?”, we will be stuck with the question and no answer all our lives. What matters is how you  let yourself levitate above regular thought to open your mind to something bigger. A new prospect, so to speak. The world on it’s own will make more sense and things will get better.